Welcome To Arja Toy Poodles

With the loving support of my husband of over 50 years I’ve been able to satisfy my passion for poodles.  The first poodle we owned came to us after we fell in love with a little white toy poodle owned and loved by our neighbor.  I feel privileged to have our little poodle family.

Our poodles are all home raised here in Dallas, Texas with love and special attention to their well-being, mentally and physically.  They are all DNA tested and  have all been tested by Optigen* so that we can breed selectively and avoid  producing puppies that could be blinded by progressive retinal atrophy which has been a problem with toy poodles.  I am so glad that we now have a way to prevent it.  Every attention is given to raising healthy puppies with care taken not to produce hereditary problems.

We breed from show quality stock with outstanding pedigrees in the hopes of producing future champions.  We sell puppies as show prospects and beautiful healthy pets.   We make an effort to see that each puppy is placed in a home where it will be well cared for and loved.

We specialize in white toy poodles.  However with our newest addition Gucci, we will on occasion have silver toy poodles available. Hope you enjoy seeing our beautiful fur babies.


*OPTIGEN is a service company that provides DNA based diagnoses and information about inherited diseases of dogs.  They have highest quality diagnostic and testing services available are developed by research scientists and veterinarians associated with OPTIGEN, and are extensively field-tested in cooperation with breeders of dogs.